Store Module of ERP

what is erp stores

Store is a major part of any manufacturing organisation. Store deals with all the items or products required by the organisation, provides all departments with their necessary item requirements, keeps a ready count of the quantity of different items and deals with the suppliers in an endeavour to procure new stock.

why nfraeresourceerp:

Indent: This form allows you to add your indent. You can refer your indent against Direct indent, Order wise indent, MRV indent or Plan wise indent. You can also add new item details for your indent.

Good Receipt Note: The user can generate good receipt note for received item list. GRN can also be generated against the item list that you have received.

Material Return Number: You can keep a track of the material which are returned back to the supplier or warehouse. You can generate Material Return Number for this returned material.

Purchase Return Voucher: You can generate Purchase Return Voucher using this form. Select the type of return such as Online rejection, QC Rejection or extra material.

Stock Transfer Receipt: You can generate the Stock Transfer Receipt using this form. Select the option of transfer i.e. from where to where (Project site to warehouse or Warehouse to Project Site). You wil get the system generated item list and you have to just select the item which you want to transfer.

Report: Reports such as Demand and supply, Store status, Item ledger, Material consumption can be generated using this form.


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